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Custom grass seed mixed with custom wood mulch blends; grows grass the first time no mater your site conditions.  With 13 years experience we are Central Illinois first choice for your Hydroseeding and erosion control needs. 
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Hydroseeding Results Speak For Themselves


Why Use Hydroseeding?​

•Sod-Like Results

•Grown On-Site to Promote Healthier Grass

•More Drought Resistance

•Custom Seed Mixed on Site for Optimum Results

•No New Weed Seed is Introduced into Your Yard

Hydroseeding 30 days

Hydroseeding can be the fastest way to plant a lush, green lawn. It costs just slightly more than older methods of seeding and mulching (using hay) and is about 1/4 the cost of laying sod. Your lawn will be hydroseeded with a tested, high quality turf mix. Unlike traditional straw mulch (which is loaded with weed seed), hydroseed mulch has NO weed seeds. Your hydroseed lawn will come up much faster than dry seed and there is no worry about whether it will "take" like when sod is used. Scritchlow Enterprises offers the following:


•Residential Hydroseeding

•Commercial Hydroseeding

•Industrial Hydroseeding

•Over-Seeding Services

•Erosion Control

•Full Service Watering is
Also Available.





Scritchlow Landscaping and Hydroseeding is Central Illinois Premier Erosion Control Solutions Provider.  We specialize in systematic, site specific solutions that typically incorporate:


Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats

Geocell Cellular Confinement



Native Plants/Seeds


Silt Fence

Industrial Hydroseeding

Our Hydroseeding out preforms the competition.  It's all in the application process. 

Two houses seeded 1 day apart in the same neighborhood.  See and feel the

Scritchlow Landscaping & Hydroseeding


"Their Hydroseeding"

Our Hydroseeding

Industry Leading 60 day Hydroseeding Warranty


Hydroseeding (60 days): Scritchlow Enterprises warrants that all work will be done by professional personnel and that all materials will be of the highest quality obtainable, applied at rates designed to produce luxuriant turf. Scritchlow Enterprises will have fulfilled its contractual obligations when no bare areas in excess of twelve (12) inches in diameter exist. Scritchlow Enterprises will re-seed or re-spray, (the method used shall be the option of Scritchlow Enterprises) any grass requested by the customer that have not developed as described above for sixty (60) days after installation. Scritchlow Enterprises will check the lawn periodically to insure that watering practices are being followed.  It is understood and agreed that if the lawn is found dry within the first thirty (30) days of hydro-seeding THIS GUARANTEE SHALL BECOME NULL AND VOID.  Should heavy rains (less than ½” per hour) wash out the HYDRO-SEEDING application within thirty (30) days of installation, all bare areas will be re-sprayed without cost to the purchaser.  Should heavy rains (greater than ½” per hour) wash out the HYDRO-SEEDING bare areas can be re-sprayed at customer’s request and expense.  This includes the seed, fertilizer, mulch application but does not include any additional topsoil or re-grading, which, if needed, will be at customer's expense.  It is understood and agreed that lack of proper drainage, guttering, or run-off from roads or driveways does not qualify as a wash-out. Scritchlow Enterprises does not warrant any HYDRO-SEEDING lawn to be immune to fungus disease or insect damage and will not re-spray any lawn for such damage except at customer's expense.  The company does try to recommend grass varieties and planting dates for this area that offer the highest probability of success. This limited warranty is for a period of sixty (60) days from date of installation.

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